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Jen, one of the “co-joeys” of the Shattered Soulstone podcast, and Shawn, the amazingly talented editor of the Shattered Soulstone podcast, decided to make an audio recording of their experiences when Diablo III first launched. Like many of you, we were not expecting what followed.

It was frustratingly difficult to attempt, over and over again, to log into the game.

We saw a whole lot of this:

…over and over again…

It was getting ridiculous!

At times, we were certain that we would not be able to get into the game at all on launch night. This was both disappointing and aggravating!

Eventually, though, with enough determination, both of us were lucky enough to be able to actually play Diablo III.

In addition to being frustrated, Jen and Shawn talked about the new errors that popped up, and included a running commentary of what other people on the internet were saying about launch night. Stay a while… and listen… (and laugh).

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