The music in the background of the Diablo III game is absolutely amazing. It blends so well with the overall feel of the game, yet somehow remains unobtrusive. When you finally stop killing mobs of monsters, there is a moment of calm, and that is when the music sweeps over you.

As much as I love the music of Diablo III, there was something compelling about the idea creating an alternative Playlist, of sorts, for players to enjoy during those annoying times when you can’t play the game. You know, like when you are commuting to or from work, running errands, or waiting for the servers to get back online. The following songs capture the essence of certain aspects of the Diablo III game.

Disclaimer: Some of the videos I have included are disturbing, and a few use swear words. You probably shouldn’t be watching them at work, or if you are a little kid.

Drowning Pool “Bodies”

“Let the bodies hit the floor… Let the bodies hit the floor….”
Slay those zombies, skeletons, and bosses. Let their bodies hit the floor (instead of your character’s), as you work your way through Normal.

Avenged Sevenhold “Nightmare”

“Die (Die!), die again (die!)”….Will that happen to you, or the mobs of monsters around you?

AC/DC “Highway to Hell”

This one is for all the “Runners”, rushing through the levels of the game.
“No stop signs, speed limits…. Nobody’s gonna slow me down”

Symphony X “Inferno”

A guitar fast enough to keep up with the rapid fire of the Demon Hunter’s double crossbows.
“A time will come … When all will see. In the end – it’s just a game”. A super addictive game!

The Monk has incredible speed mixed with a sense of structure and rhythm.
The playing style fits nicely with “Monk Chant” by a band called The Monks!

How to Destroy Angels – “BBB”

As much as I love the ability to duel wield crossbows, we all know that with the Demon Hunter wouldn’t be the same without those big, black, stiletto boots.
“Listen to the sound … of my Big Black Boots!”

“Destroyer” – Twisted Sister

No class is better at destroying enemies, (or barrels), than the Barbarian!
“And he cleaved the air with his fiery stare rend all those there…. Destroyer, destroyer…”

“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” – The Police

Clayton Vaught referenced this song when he was asked which class he would play first when Diablo III was released. I cannot think of a better song to represent the Sorceress, … I mean Wizard…. class.

“Voodoo” – Godsmack

The Witch Doctor uses zombie dogs, and can raise a zombie warrior, to fight enemies for him. That’s gotta be some powerful voodoo!
“Demons dreamin… breath in… breath in”… and blow some poison darts at the monsters ahead of you!
I like how the overall theme of this video fits nicely into the Diablo III “universe”.