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In this episode, we have almost a full group! Breja and Jen are joined by Lanntonio (who had a whole lot to share about what he’s been up to in-game). As always, we read and responded to Tweets from listeners, and kept you up to date about things posted by Community Managers.

In this episode:

* We read and responded to tweets from: @Jon_Philippi, @Hawgeye_ctr, @Kherova, @simple_destro, @KSBpodcast, @Kagerai_Leblue, @guerilla_law, @TheWMWorkshop, @scanline75, @thealienationer, and @The_Breja

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Links for you to Visit:

* Season Rebirth Mail Expiring Soon!
Did you use the new Season Rebirth feature? Make sure you go get your loot out of your in-game email before it disappears!

* Community Manager Kauza responded to a forum post titled: Kanai’s Cube Items Disappear. The stuff that was mysteriously missing from your Kanai’s Cube might have been returned to you.

* Community Manager Nevalistis responded to a Forum Post that asked about Set Dungeon Gear by pointing people toward “a pretty spiffy page about Set Dungeons” on their Game Guide.

* A minor patch has fixed the problem of the Diablo III client taking an extended period of time to terminate after the game had been closed.

* Writer Jason Schreier wrote a post titled: “How Not to Play Diablo III, which was rather insightful.

* Having problems with the Raekor Set Dungeon? Leviathan has a video that might help you:

* Leviathan also has a very helpful video in which he explains “How to Augment Your Gear With Caldessann’s Despair”:

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