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In this episode, we talk about patch 2.6.1 and share all of the massive buffs and updates that will appear next season.

Challenge Rifts: A friendly challenge has been made between hosts! Tweet, email, or send a Facebook message to us to decide what the losers punishment will be!

And could there be a new host?! Find out more on this episode of the Shattered Soulstone!

In this episode:

* Big news is announced!

* Deadgreed and Vesper spend time talking about their adventures this season.

* Patch 2.6.1 details and thoughts!

* A challenge is made between hosts!

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Links for you to Visit:

* https://blizzcon.com/en-us/news/20974664/let-the-blizzcon-2017-contest-registration-begin-8-18-2017 – Blizzcon 2017 Contest Registration

* https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20976068/patch-261-ptr-patch-notes-8-15-2017 – 2.6.1 Patch Notes

* https://www.diabloii.net/blog/comments/blizzard-explains-challenge-rift-builds-selected – Blizzard Explains how Challenge Rift Builds are Selected

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