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In this episode we have a very special guest and it is very likely that you will remember her. Jen comes back to the Shattered Soulstone as a guest and tells us all about what she has been up to and even some of her future plans. Vespertilio finally makes his comeback to the show as well. Want to see what they have to share with everyone? Listen to this brand new exciting episode of the Shattered Soulstone, your Diablo Community Podcast!

If you would like to see them goof off while recording the show, you can find the episode here on YouTube!

In this episode:

* Greed, Manlow, Jen, and Vesper tell us what they have been up to in game or lack there of

* Jen and Vesper share what they have been doing since you have last heard from either of them

* Exciting new blue notes are shared to spark of some conversation in the community

* Jen, Vesper, Manlow, and Greed thank the listeners for being no less then amazing!

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