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Soulstoners Battle Tags


Nevik Nevik#1431 @nevikjames
Breja Breja#1775 @The_Breja
Jen Jen#1197 @queenofhaiku
Lanntonio Lanntonious#1873 @Lanntonio



AndrewDice AndrewDice#2982  
Atramentum Atramentum13#1598  
ArcAngel083 ArcAngel083#1150  
Azz Azz#1904 @wizzardofazz
Bart Nunosapunso#1603  
BayouMojo Boomstick#1858  
BTXL BTXL#1519  
Caoboi Caoboi#1107 @theCaoboi
Casey Turbos#1653  
Chad Ripley#1307  
Chaos5061 Rebur#1606 @Chaos5061
Comm. Bird ComanderBird#1876 @JayBird9981
CuTTeR CuTTeR#1332 @Mjpenn316
Cybrwolf cybrwolf#1896  
Darksoul Darksoul#1345  
DredScythe Dredscythe#1656 @grindexp
Evilmali Evilmali#1911  
SLekva Gidbinn#2974  
Gulrakis Gulrakis#1953  
Hatemachine Hatemachine#1203 @Hatemachine101
HawgEye Jimicus#1815 @HawgEye_CTR
IceFalcon IceFalcon13#1277 @Bloodfalcon
Iruga iruga#1729 @iruga
Ivanchill Ivanchill#1829 @dbMorris
Jonny G JonnyG#1259 @JonnyG_AIE
K4z3Kest K4z3Kest#1933  
Kenmoe Kenmoe#1893  
Kurly Mahkie#1930 @KurlyQ70
Larodis Larodis#1469  
Lekks Lekks#1159 @wayngotango
Livintrust Livintrust#1347  
LunarFisher LunarFisher#1929  
LyndonJohnson Lyndobjohnso#1455 @lyndonbjohnson
Mach 1 Mach1#1634  
Medros Medros#1487 @Medros
Meifumado Meifumado#1899 @jmhtalley
MeurigVII MeurigVII#1517  
MDB MDB3#1373  
Rho Rho#1846 @RhoWoW
Rilandune Rilandune#1733 @Rilandune
RipKord RipKord#1726  
RyeGeist RyeGeist#1447  
Scanline Scanline#1132 @scanline75
Silver Silver#1159  
Smokimus Smokimus#1784 @smokimus
Squarish Gore Squarishgore#1887 @tigjamie
St. Motorspark StMotorSpark#1374  
SYLbarefoot SYLbarefoot#1528  
Synweaver Synicism#1875 @synweaver
Tensor Tensor#6418  
Timbur Timbur#1654 @theyellowstereo
Torhammer Torhammer#1782  
Torrack Torrack#1714 @Torrack1714
Ttosk Ttosk#1817 @Scott_AG
Zedjazz Zedjazz#1559  
Zestyclam Zesty#1986 @zesty1986


Listeners [EU]

Arne Arninja#2815 @Arvraepe
Fryingtuck Fryingtuck#2318  
Kherova Khazou#1901 @Kherova
Lord Bacon LordBacon#2129 @hpbotha
RazorBug RzBg#1196 @RzBg
Smartock Smärtock1337#2432  
TrueAPM trueAPM#2698 @trueAPM

44 thoughts on “Soulstoners Battle Tags”

  1. Zestyclam balam#1802 said:

    From Australia, Puke Doc

  2. Gabriel said:

    BattleTag: Kenmoe#1893

    Can’t wait for D3!

  3. BattleTag: Torhammer#1782

    Great Podcast!
    Cant wait to play D3!
    I will be playing a Barbarian as my main character when the game starts so please look me up in game.

  4. Battletag : SYLbarefoot#1528

    Love this podcast. And the community in general. Im a grad student currently out of work so ill be playing a lot! Get at me!

  5. Battletag: Livintrust#1347

    I enjoy the podcast and have been listening since the beginning (I’ve stayed a while and listened). I like the different perspectives and look forward to learning more about things I should check out in game from future cast. I’ll be playing a good amount weeknights and weekends randomly CST USA. Since a good group of competent people that know each other will not only be the most fun way, but also most efficient way to play, I would like to meet up with some good equal minded people to have some fun.
    Hit me up in game, I have vent and will get on mumble if that’s preferred. I don’t know what my main will be yet but I will eventually have a 60 of everything.

    See you in hell!

  6. Smokimus said:

    Battletag = Smokimus#1784

    First character is a Barbarian – SmokingFury

    Hope all of you are having fun and getting all kinds of phat lootz 🙂

  7. Love your podcast! I look forward to it every week!
    Thanks for building such a wonderful community!


  8. Thanks for the excellent D3 podcast. You guys are so fun and informative!!! I’d love to be a part of the community.
    My battle tag is Lekks#1159

    I look forward to slaying some demons with you guys!!!!

  9. Love the show, keep it up!


  10. CommanderBird said:

    Could you add me to your list. I sent an email with an issue I had in the game wanted to see what you thought. you guys are great and I love diablo podcasts
    I am CommanderBird#1876

  11. MeurigVII said:

    Battletag: MeurigVII#1517

    Listen to one show and have been hooked! Great to hear the experiences of everyone so i can go… Yup.. I had the same problem! Looking forward to playing with everyone.

    If anyone needs help or wants to do runs I have a 60 monk, a MF/GF wizard in nightmare and the nightmarish staff of herding.

    Also doing some hardcore.

  12. RipKord said:

    BattleTag : RipKord#1726

    Hi, I like listening to your podcast. It gets me by when Im at work and can’t play Diablo. Im a lvl 60 barbarian and I think it would be cool to team up with some of u guys in game.

  13. K4z3Kest said:


    Add me if you wish to play with me in US server.

  14. Brandon B said:

    Just wanted to check in now back to the grind

  15. Larodis said:

    Saw the Nevik’s tweet about the game night for tonight. Hope to be there.

  16. Battletag: Rilandune#1733

  17. Khazou#1901

    was so sad to see only one lonely listener from the EU, thought you needed another one

  18. Ice Falcon said:

    Battletag: Icefalcon13#1277


  19. Hi, this is Tensor from Diablofans. Just wanted to drop by and say hello.

    BattleTag: Tensor#6418

  20. David Morris said:

    Battletag: Ivanchill#1829

    Hello SS team – I would love to add my D3 battle tag information for your list of listeners above.


  21. Battletag: Nunosapunso#1603

    Hi folks! Very Informative. GameNight! woot!

  22. Anyone want to help me get a hellfire ring??

  23. look at all those battle tags id like to c them grow!!! come join the new forumz now at!!!!!!

  24. Battletag : Mach1#1634

    Hello all, finally got onto the site…listening since day one and have been playing Diablo since Diablo 1 launch…hope to see you guys online.

  25. US Realm

    Battletag: Ttosk#1817
    Twitter: Scott_ag

    Hope to play with some of you guys soon.

  26. AndrewDice said:

    Battletag: AndrewDice#2982

    Love your podcast. Been listening to it for a while now. Hope to play with some of you soon.

  27. Battletag: BTXL1519

    Listened to the podcast for the first time today and I really enjoyed it. It’s good to hear something from the internet about D3 that isn’t played out criticisms or comparisons to D2.

  28. Battletag: scanline#1132

    Love the podcast. It’s great to hear about the game without all the normal drama you hear about on other casts and forums. You all are well balanced and cool. Great site too. Look forward to playing.

  29. Great podcast! Found you on Twitter, subscribed to the ‘cast and now registered on the forums. Keep ’em coming!

    Battletag: Torrack#1714
    Twitter: @Daladria

    Please add me to the list of listeners above.


  30. Hello!

    I’m listening to your podcast on my way too and from work. Nice pass time, helps me with the endless traffic jams.

    I’m a EU Listener
    Battle Tag: Arninja-2815

    Keep up the nice podcasts, sounds like a great community!

  31. Jeremie said:

    Ill do HC or SC I have endgame guys on both add me ill play gotta level them paragons.


  32. Please update my listing above with my twitter account, thanks!!!

    Lord Bacon LordBacon#2129 @hpbotha

  33. Hi guys My battletags Fryingtuck#2318, I am from the uk Northeast England. Main on the eu servers but I have roll a character on the us servers recently.

  34. Hey there! A long fan of Shattered Soulstone.
    I used to play in Korea so I couldn’t join you guys.
    However, I moved to the U.S. and bought the U.S. version.
    My battle tag is Atramentum13#1598.

    It would be nice to play with the fans of this podcast!

  35. Hey UK listener but i play on the US server

    battletag: iruga#1729

    Twitter: iruga

    Main demon hunter

  36. Hi! A new listener appears.

    I play on EU

    battletag: trueAPM#2698

    twitter: @trueAPM

    My main is a wizard

  37. Manny Wilson said:

    Manlow Manlow#1881 @manlow

    Main on WoW is Manlow and main on D3 is Mangall


  38. Just started playing again US hufer3#1947

  39. Victor T. Carter said:

    Love the show and keep up the great work!

  40. New listener to this amazing Pod Cast I have learned heaps all ready!

    I play Hard Core Seasons feel free to add Nephalems 🙂


  41. Michael Pennington said:

    I have been listening to this podcast for about 2 months now, and am up to episode 37. I know I have a long way to go, but continue to chug along. Great show, great hosts, and valuable information. Thanks to everyone!

    I am including my battletag in hopes that it gets added to the list!

    CuTTeR#1332 (US)

  42. ArcAngel083 said:

    Love the show would love to play with anyone. Just got back into PC D3. I also play D3 on the X1 Battlenet tag is ArcAngel083#1150 and ArcAngel083 on the X1

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